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Oct 28, 2012 9:30am EDT
-down world where saying harmless words like that can bear huge tax on the other side and yet the other side can say very toxic comments without repercussions or being held to the same standard. one example is mark lamont hill. you may have seen a recent article, the most overweighted right--the most overrated white people to shakespeare and in the current climate the only thing worse than being a white person, speaking those words is being a black person who steps out of line. slicken stacey dash and thank you for standing up for her so valiantly. [applause] >> it would be funnier if it wasn't so wrong. that is the truth. as frederick douglass said liberty is meaningless when the right to other thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. ann coulter is not just the champion of freedom of speech, she practices it vigorously every single day. i will leave you with this. the most accurate comment about her current book came from the american spectator. he said this. it is not just a book. is a public service. i agree with that wholeheartedly. and coulter is indeed a public servant and i would
Nov 3, 2012 7:15pm EDT
mind about. i've maintained ferociously liberals can't learn that if you cut taxes, there's revenue to the treasury, can't learn it doesn't work to coddle and suck up to terrorists, but, apparently, they can learn if they attack ann coulter, she sells more books. [laughter] i love those gals on "the view," and i wanted to kiss them all before i left. [laughter] you know, i realize that people who are familiar with the actual history of civil rights in america or who have read my books notice that they had not read the books, but that was great because they believe everything the "new york times" believes, but the new york times won't argue with me. at least the gals on "the view" will argue with me. the summary of the book is white guilt never produced anything good, and don't make the same mistake again, america. that's why it had to come out before the election. it's a book about racism, and to my critics chagrin, i'm against it. [laughter] liberals have been the primary practitioners of it, and i start with the golden age of racial demagoguery in the 70s and 80s when every police
Oct 28, 2012 7:45pm EDT
a scandalously disgustingly low tax rate need to talk to some democrats. people i like and admire like chuck schumer the democrats became the party of wall street in many ways and walked away from their legacy and there is a reason that the people stopped trusting them to look out for the interest of working people and the middle class people. >> the politicians pander to the middle class will do here is the middle class tax cut but it is a shrinking number of people and we have the very rich and the very poor. to touch on this in the book but what impact do you think the occupy wall street movement is having now a year later as opposed to when it began with such fervor? >> i was very inspired and moved by occupy wall street. i was very inspired by all-inclusive it was unlike some of the protests of the 60's the cops in some cities were horrible, but by and large the protesters went out of their way to include the cuts. i saw the sign saying you are a part of our 99%. i think the notion we are the 99% became in a updated version and honestly absolutely incontrovertible lead changed the rheto
Oct 27, 2012 8:30pm EDT
california sacramento was broken in. with every single tax. [applause] citic this crowd is not need to be reminded. [laughter] but the tax is there bowed against every single one. the last thing sacramento needs lose more money like giving heroin to a junkie. >> how do we by media? >> of also like to comment on the public-school to produce useful one's. liberal send their kids to the lily white private schools. but who always fights the vouchers to the and a male? al gore was asked in harlem when he was running for president because he was the democrat won a black reporter said if you are so big on public-school is not having vouchers why your kids go to private schools? typical move he got angry and said don't bring my children into this. wait a second. [laughter] not so fast. it is a great idea for conservative billionaires' i love fox news but why is that the only game in town? ten times the ratings but it has not occurred to cnn and msnbc they have higher ratings maybe we should try to be fair and balanced. [laughter] that seems popular. by the way a small point*, i am doing pie
Oct 28, 2012 8:30am EDT
million domestic dollars the going towards enforcement's. $1 trillion in tax dollars. not news to anybody in this room but the wider american mainstream is waking up. i live in a place in new mexico where the cowboy hats and ladies in the post office saying barack obama was born in libya. when they ask what my book is about and i tell them it is and economic social analysis of why the end of the drug war was good for america, without fail the response is the tragedy in mexico and when is the drug war going to end? is not dangerous, when we going to stop -- left-wing or right-wing and televangelist. the truth is black and white. dangerous for me as a journalist with a few decades of experience, too much of a cheerleader about this particular issue. people are going to
Oct 27, 2012 8:00am EDT
of justifying slavery. he taxed malthus with improposing a kind of moral slavery on his followers than was worse than any kind of legal slavery. is malthus, quote, proposes to introduced a system of celibacy taylor asked, who could fail to notice the difference in point of benevolence between indirect slavery to an absolute master, and direct slavery to an absolute master? in taylor's america even those subjected to quote, direct slavery to an absolute master retained the right to reproduce. in taylor's america then no matter all the other freedoms that were denied to enslaved people, including the right to legal marriage and indeed to own, quote, unquote, their own children, they nevertheless had rights to reproduce that were in danger in malthus's england. u.s. slaveholders then could boast that african-americans in bondage had greater basic liberties and privileges than supposedly free-born englishmen in malthus's britain, meanwhile white americans enjoyed natural rights to love and marriage that were impossible to imagine in the cramped english aisle. print was the key arena where these idea
Nov 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
. a huge copper cattle from the tax. and the cattle on to the flame. five chips mugs from a covered and hesitated. the woman said you are right, six. the doctor will be here too. then the woman cursed her lips and made a noise. missed the note. he wrote it so carefully too and put it in his breast pocket and haven't looked there yet. what is it saying? read it yourself. i thought she was her mother. she seemed like somebody's mother. then she said, took all the money his friends had given him to smuggle out of south africa, along with all the money he had made over the years and went to the casino to gamble. only meant to gamble with his own money and only meant to dip into money that was given him until he made back the money he lost. and always dark. that is not what he wrote, squinting her eyes. what he wrote was to all my friends, i am so sorry, i hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me. i cannot forgive myself. same thing. said the older woman. she turned to me. you will admit my mother already in the milk shed. she was mrs. comstock before me so she is old mrs. comstock.
Nov 3, 2012 11:00am EDT
to the cartels in mexico should marijuana be legalized in the united states? and taxed? >> marijuana has never been utilized anywhere in the world. i am informed on that because we have four children. i don't want them to experiment with drugs but i realize as an economist if you take profit motive away from cartels, eventually they cease to exist. the initial pain would be unbelievable. difficult to say what direction that would go but in the short term the pain would be unbearable and that is why politicians are afraid to address the issue. they keep pushing it to the next election as hipolito was saying. >> as a law enforcement officer for 30 years cartels are vicious criminal elements and regardless they will seek to continue their criminal element and the honest truth as a law enforcement officer they break the law they should go to jail and be punished appropriately regardless what offense they take. the mexican government and law enforcement officers in the united states which address that and actually individuals that break the law. >> that is the last question. my name is ricardo ains
Nov 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
takedown? i don't know if the romney's are in on it as i would need to see their 2009 taxes. i have asked. the dog ate it. but i was able to do some investigation and i did find that one thing for certain, that they were part and parcel of a move move bond enjoyed because it's illegal, the vulture's activity in the congo and europe and elsewhere. it's not illegal in the united states where the vultures landed in detroit. now folgers fees when things die. so when mr. romney says, let detroit go bankrupt, but it died, what we are doing is creating a feast for the vulture. here is what they did. the u.s. government under obama and under by the way george bush -- it's not obama's bailout even though he pumps his chest and takes the applaud and beatings for it, was created by george w. bush voted in october and december. it was taken over by obama in the meantime. the a bomb administration picking up for bush came up with a deal to save three companies, general motors, chrysler and delphi. what is delphi? delphi is the old telco auto parts division of gm. you know delco batteries. we had gm th
Oct 28, 2012 7:00am EDT
's for the supreme court does. they reach citizens united and in roe v. wade. they reached out morris p. taxes and they reached out in roper versus simmons to the juvenile to tunnel the case. the people who don't want them to reach out in this case, many of them coming to want them to reach out anytime it helps their cause and maybe they even reached out and shot a case, which is allen's case. and my point they are is a court should just make things up, but they are to a large extent a policymaking body. it has evolved that way and that's what they do. they take cases and decide broader principles under those cases. and here we have a very serious problem that is a little bit of stretching out my pen to ban racial preferences but impose the remedies suggested transparency and assist you in another component because as her book details, every other institution in american society has failed to come to grips to this problem. the at the university systematically lead applicants and the rest of the country over how it works. the politicians are terrified of it. no major politician has attacked aff
Nov 3, 2012 12:00pm EDT
in your tax rate is asked in you, that's why. he he bought a ton truck or he decided not to buy a contract. so vermont can send a message to the rest of the united states which you can govern locally. nationally it's almost as cute, nice, but you can't really do that. you can't and we do. i published with susan clark his book about town meeting, deliberation in town meeting and reforms, called others in favor, it was susan's idea and she's the force behind it, but we are both worried the town meeting tradition is suffering and that we needed to write a popular book, a readable book. it's an argument for town meeting. the new england town is really a cultural phenomenon in children grow up in a vermont town, watching their parents arguing about it the next day, from owning other citizens, all very real. so by the time you're in high school come unix equity town meeting is in pretty much had to behave in it because you englanders generally are pretty good at deliberation. they know about the rules. i started newcomers, 90 into a town meeting, the two emotions. one is often boredom. they thin
Oct 27, 2012 11:00am EDT
obligated to care for your mom. and for smoking the green, we want to legalize a it, tax it, use that money to invest in stocks and she doesn't use that money to buy back america from china. [laughter] [applause] america, it is probably very clear to you right now that your democracy is due north. so when you go into that polling station next year, consider a country you truly deserve, canada. thank you. [applause] >> is such a handsome man. sometimes they won't tell the canadians together. this is the guy we got. i'm going to read a short section. section 3.2 from the irony of being ironic in a post- ironic age. this is about the citizens united decision. stop putting your politicians on layaway and start buying them outright at the bed bath and beyond. before i introduce this chapter, before i get going, let me thank you guys for coming. you guys are awesome. i'm going to read citizens divided, people are now corporations. before i get started, a quick facts. everyone has affected a promise. exxon and wal-mart, they are now the largest people in the united states. the average american is
Oct 28, 2012 12:00pm EDT
in the mid-states and taxed? [applause] >> technically marijuana has never been legalized anywhere in the world yet it's been decriminalized. i'm sort of torn on that issue because i have four children. i don't want them to experiment with the drug convict the same time they realized as an economist that he take the profit motive away from the cartel's come and they eventually will cease to exist. the initial pain would be unbelievable, but it's difficult to say what direction that would go in. but i do think it would in the short-term the pain would be unbearable and that's why politicians are afraid to address the issue. they keep pushing it off until the next election. >> as a law enforcement officer for 30 years, the cartels are a vicious criminal elements and regardless they'll seek to continue their criminal elements connected beyond the street in my view as a law enforcement officer as they break the law, they should go to jail or be punished appropriately, regardless of what the sensei k. so if we want an effect on the cartels, the mexican government and law enforcement in
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13